Saturday, April 16, 2011

Power vs Sharks - Liveblog

I know nobody's going to show up for this, since it's a homegame, but liveblogging is way easier than sitting here and taking notes and writing up a recap, so we're just going to go ahead and do it that way.

We'll be here around 7-7:15 for the "pregame". Join us if you want. Not expecting anyone.

By the way, tonight is country night at the CEC, which could only mean one thing:

If you can find a better babe than Sarah Marince, you must be Charlie Sheen or something.

Holy crap. She's awesome. Sometimes I can't even believe it.

Anyways, the liveblog starts HERE:


Dom Errico said...

I'd like to clarify. Sarah's voice itself wasn't horrible. They had it pumping through the arena had such a high volume.

If it was country night, why did she perform Firework by Katy Perry? Maybe a hidden answer to Perry's proposal?

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