Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aftermath: Bolts vs Barnstormers

A very satisfying victory last night for the Power. Say what you will about Bernard Morris, but he's Coach Sieg's starting QB. When you lose your starter, you're always going to struggle. Kevin McCabe picked it up and the Power put the pedal to the floor and never let up last night. Josh Lay made an immediate impact in his first game back from injury, as did Jerome Mathis.

No need this week for a "play by play" recap like last week. We liveblogged it. If you want a more detailed narrative on the game, check that out.

Cleaning out the notebook from last night....

First off, thanks to reader The Voice for pointing out a mistake in the liveblog. The Power did force a turnover vs Philly last week, which I forgot about and wrote that they had finally forced their first turnover. I forgot about it because Morris bojo'd it up and threw a pick right after a fumble recovery.

This blog, specifically this writer, has said all along that Kevin McCabe should be the starter. Morris has loads of talent, but is just too error-prone in big-time situations. You hate to see anyone get injured, but Big Kev really seized the opportunity. Coach Seig was asked if there was a QB controversy brewing.

“There’s no controversy, we’ve got two good quarterbacks,” the coach told

Read into that what you will. McCabe was 10-14 with 110 yds and 3 touchdowns, and turned what was a close game that looked like the last team to score would win into a laugher.

For as vague as that quote was, Coach Siegfried spoke to the Post-Gazette in much clearer terms. In Bill Brink's game wrapup, he flat out said that Morris is the starter.

For as much talk as there was about the offense, Tyrrell Herbert, Carlos Campbell, and Josh Lay were absolutely fantastic on D. Lay brought a measure of swagger that was perhaps missing or less emphasized in the first game.

The legend of Josh Rue also continues to grow. The Duquesne grad had three touchdowns (two rushing, one receiving) and continues to be met with thunderous chants of "RUEEEEEE!" in every short yardage situation.

Credit where credit is due, when they were in synch, the Goggles had quite a rhythm. Brad Banks threw for 283 yards and four TD's (all to Todd Blythe), but, like Bernard Morris the week before, was a turnover machine, throwing four picks.

Apparently, we rule at evaluating QB's, because we said McCabe would tear up, and we designated the Iowa starter "Bojo Banks" -- boy did he ever live up to that billing. In spite of some unbelievable flashes of brilliance, there were an equal amount of wounded ducks tossed around.

Banks is very charitable like that. He wants to make sure every kid goes home with a souvenier.

Also, let me point out, as I pointed out on Twitter earlier, that Bob Pompiani did an ok job on the local TV play by play. I can also say with full confidence that Craig Woofley was horrific. I was following some message boards and chat rooms, and the entire Arena Football fan nation was laughing at him and his yinzerly ways. The games are all available (home and away) nationwide for free on and all games are archived. It's actually a fantastic service for keeping up with the Power when they're on the road, as they will be when they face the Milwaukee Mustangs next Monday.

That said, however... COME ON POMP! The Tulsa Taloons? Yeah, he mispronounced Tallons on the air. More than once. The same people who were laughing at Woof's caveman speak were equally shredding Pompiani for this gaffe.


Either way, when all was said and done, the Bolts got the 'W' and that's all that matters.

That, and BoltsBurgh officially arrived in the AFL blogosphere. Can't tell you how unreal and badass it felt to be retweeted by not only the official Barnstormers Twitter, but the official Arena Football League Twitter.

We just started Tweeting, but the response has been fantastic and we've met a lot of very cool Power fans via the Twitterverse, so thanks for that, and if you know a friend or weren't aware that we were residents of the Twit City, make sure you follow us. We promise that if you tweet us, you will be twat back to in kind.

So, between the team getting the win and the blog gaining some traction in the legitimate sense, it's a great start.

Beat Milwaukee.


The Voice said...

So let's see...

We have awful TV Play by play guys, awful radio play by play guys, and our PA Announcer sucks balls.

What do they all have in common? They work for CBS Radio/TV

Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe I should challenge Bubba again to a voice-off...he blew me off last time though.

Perry said...

Hahaha voice, do you really think Troy Clardy is that bad on The Fan? I liked his work.

That, and he's a reader of the blog.

I think Bubba is just doing what he's told to do. If he toned it down slightly I'd have absolutely no problem, but he gets kids participating.

Although, Arena Football is a sport for hammered adults, not kids. At least in the "new AFL".

The Voice said...

I have not listened personally to the radio coverage, but several friends have said it. Maybe I'll give Troy a chance first. Most of my hatred for The Fan comes from how god awful Vinnie Richichi and Paul Alexander are.

Perry said...

Yeah, I've hated The Fan since day one. Don't forget Andrew Filiponi... The pukey kid who hates everything except the NBA yet works in a market that cares zero about the NBA.

He's awful.

Troy is a legitimate good guy with a good voice and good knowledge of the game. Blows Pomp out of the water.

KDPomp is just a total bojo of epic magnitude.

JD Power said...

Great game on Saturday. I hear you about McCabe, but the real difference in the 2nd half was the defense.

I am very new to the game, but I thought the Power was better than the Soul in week 1, but for the turnovers. So, I see big things for this team this year. Keep up the good work.

JD Power said...

Also need to add that I was very impressed with the crown. There were over 9,000 which I have to consider a nice turnout. Considering that Pitt was playing at the same time, I was impressed.

The crowd was in to the game as well and many stuck around to the very end. Bubba as PA announcer is atrocious, but I guess the monster truck stuff is what is the norm for these games? I would love to see them knock some of that out to add to the legitimacy of the event.

Perry said...

JD.. I agree. Secondary was great. Crowd was sparse but very loud. Bubba is what he is. Ever watch a Washington Caps game? Their PA guy is terrible. Bubba is there for the young kids and could be way worse.

If the announcers are the only complaints, it was a great week.

The Voice said...

I know from experience, since I AM an arena football PA announcer, that you can do things to pump up the crowd but not sound like such a goof.

I can show great enthusiasm on first downs and touchdowns without splitting ear drums. It's all about captivating audience attention with your voice, instead of your personality.

I tried for the Penguins gig, but they wanted someone with more experience and picked Ryan Mill. I hear a lot of fans don't particularly like him either.

Someday I'll get my shot, and when i do I'll be ready.

PS I challenged Bubba for his PA Announcer position on the Power Facebook page, but he blew me off. His day will come :-)

Perry said...

Voice: Ryan Mill is puke. Wish we had Barbero still.

The Voice said...

Amen Perry

Deadbirds said...

I found this blog the other day and I'm really enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

And thank you for posting the NiftyTV link, now I won't have to listen to the Fan next week!

Perry said...

Deadbirds: Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, the NiftyTV thing is a good deal.

The Voice said...

Mind if we mention this wonderful blog on our radio show Wednesday night?

Perry said...

Of course not, Voice. No publicity is bad publicity.