Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Implosion, Redemption - Power vs Mustangs - The Aftermath

Implosions. A collection of some of the greatest ever captured on film. None, however, rival the one that the Pittsburgh Power offense suffered through on Monday night at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

Maybe it's a sign that we're not as strong as we once thought. Maybe it's the injury bug biting at an inopportune time. Or, maybe, just maybe, it's a sign that the Pittsburgh Power are a team of destiny.

A pathetic crowd of 3,253 sporadically filled small portions of the lower level of the home of the Milwaukee Mustangs, as they stormed onto the field, fired up to take on their divisional rivals from Pittsburgh. Ten seconds later, they were losing 21-0. It was to be an epic beatdown the likes of which have never been seen. The brave souls who did turn out would "Rue" the day they heard the name Kevin McCabe.

Mustangs quarterback Eric Ward, constantly chased by a swarm of white jerseys, barely able to keep himself above water, fumbled and stumbled and ate turf, all the while throwing balls straight up in the air, hoping that Jesus would descend from the heavens to catch a touchdown.

Head coach Bob Landsee took another route, somewhere around the midpoint of the first quarter. He could be seen practicing Satanic rites on the Milwaukee bench. Anything, he hoped, to spark his misfit team of pathetic losers to a victory.

It all seemed to be for naught, as the Power, like nihilistic touchdown machines continued to steamroll the competition.

For as pumped up and ready to play as the Mustangs look as they took the field, it was akin to making it to the bathroom only to piss all over the floor.

It was all Power.

All the time.

However, by halftime, with the Power leading 35-20, somewhere in between the divine and the devlish, something took hold. In the guise of Antoine Burns, Dwayne Eley Jr., and perennial all-arena Damian Harrell, quarterback Ward finally found the angel he was praying so hard for, and that his coach was defending so hard against. That angel was backup quarterback RJ Archer. RJ would certainly prove to be the Archer-Angel of Arena Football on this fateful night.

Replacing Ward, Archer quickly found Harrell for a score. The defense suddenly came alive. The previously robotic football warrior-prince Kevin McCabe began to show signs of weakness. An interception return from his own endzone. Suddenly, things were looking bleak for the Pittsburgh squad.

Suddenly, it was 49-41. Then 49-47. Then the Mustangs, with their last gasping breath for life, called a quarterback keeper - The arena football league's dance of champions is sometimes met with some missteps - But on this night, the defense pulled out all the stops and Milwaukee was left to ponder what would be if they had just pushed for ONE... MORE... YARD.


Player of the Game:
Offense: Josh Rue - 6 Car - 28 Yds - 2 TD
Defense: Gary Butler - 3 Tackles - 3 Assists - 1 TFL for -12 Yds - 1 Forced Fumble - 2 Fumble Recoveries

Saturday vs Tulsa.
Do work.


B.S. said...

Terrible showing by the Milwaukee "fans". Clearly there were reruns of That 70s show on TV. Their "team" will be lucky if they don't move to Wheeling by next season.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Wheeling is the kind of market they're looking for. Wouldn't mind seeing NY or Detroit, though.

They're definitely doomed in Milwaukee.

B.S. said...

They could play in the Igloo if it gets historic landmark designation from City Council. The question is, can Pittsburgh support more than one football team?

Leonard said...

If Milwaukee fares poorly in terms of attendance, they're going to have to find a new home.

Pittsburgh may be new to the Arena Football League (although it has been more than two decades since the last time arena ball was played in the Steel City), but the team should fare pretty well.

Perry said...

@Leonard - Pittsburgh is going to do fine, especially if the Power keep winning.

@BS - No way the Igloo gets that designation. It's history.

The Voice said...

Let the Igloo die gracefully. I will NEVER understand why people want to put millions of other people's money into keeping a building up to serve no real purpose except take up space.

Anonymous said...

Because, Voice, it's shiny and round.

Asa Phelps said...

Flatten the hill, experience the evolution.

Anonymous said...

Asa Phelps has died

The Voice said...

OOOoooooo Shiny!

*Instant change of opinion*



Perry said...

As our readership grows, the comments become more and more entertaining to read. Unreal.

Deadbirds said...

What are you guys talking about with tearing down the Igloo? We have to keep it so we can have a great indoor farmer's market with all the rats that live in the building! It's a winning combination!

Just kidding. In all seriousness, it's time for the Igloo to go. If we were able to let go of Three Rivers Stadium and Forbes Field, I think we can get let go of The Civic Arena too.

Perry said...

@Deadbirds - Tear it down and put the Lower Hill to work!!! lolz omgz

The Voice said...

Fantastic Frank's (Pietrangelo) Flea Market. Every Sunday afternoon come see the old Igloo! Tickets are 55 bucks and 20 to park just to ramp up the experience