Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing New on the Horizon - A Link Post!

As much as I'd like to be reporting some news over the course of the week leading up to the Iowa game, I've honestly got nothing.

It's been pretty quiet.

Pro has been going through some personal stuff that has prevented any of his trademark high-brow articles for the time being. He'll be back soon with something awesome, but I'm not exactly sure when.

Sometime on Friday I'll be posting the Iowa game preview.

The Barnstormers are rich in AFL lore. They have freaking goggles on their helmets.

Until then, I don't even have any links or media reports to post. The mainstream media seems as thirsty for Power news as we do here at Boltsburgh Blog.

There is this item from OurSportsCentral (a fan driven site that caters to minor league sports fans) -- The Power lead the entire Arena League in attendance in week one. Hopefully it's a trend that only gets better.

There were definitely some major issues with the will call window that caused thousands of people to miss a large chunk of the first quarter. Hopefully that's rectified for Saturday night.

You can now also check out the official radio play-by-play voice of the Power, 93.7's own Troy Clardy, who has an official website.

Again, check back Friday for another in-depth pump up post and game preview as the Power get ready to host a BLACK OUT against the Iowa Barnstormers!


Rainier said...

What do the goggles do?

Perry said...

That punchline and many more will be answered in the game preview on Friday!